Seven Hills Hotel Turkey, hotel at istanbul sultanahmet

Seven Hills Hotel, Luxury Boutique Hotel in Sultanahmet Istanbul

From the beginning, Istanbul has been a “city of cultures” and magic. First located by Constantine, the city that spans two continents became the capital of the Roman Empire in 330 B.C. The city then hosted the Ottoman Empire and now the modern Republic of Turkey. As the cultures have merged over the centuries, the magic of this city has only grown. The Seven Hills Hotel is a part of this history.

Located in the heart of the historical Sultanahmet area, our unique boutique hotel offers a spectacular panorama of the area’s cultural and architectural treasures of empires past and present. It is one of the rarest views in the world. While you are resting in our terrace restaurant enjoying an authentic Turkish meal, you will gaze upon the Hagia Sophia, the magnificent dwelling built by the architect Isidorur in A.D. 530, and you won’t miss the Sultanahmet Mosque known as Blue Mosque, which was built by Architect Sedefkar Mehmet Aga in A.D 1600. These historically grand buildings are just the beginning as you sip your Turkish tea. Turn your head, and you’ll be mesmerized by the blue Bosphorus that is silently calling you…. There, you will be greeted by The Bosphorus Bridge that connects the two continents.

With all this history surrounding it, Seven Hills hotel fits in perfectly with its authentic Ottoman interior design. As a result, our luxurious hotel, opened in 2000, has been nominated as the best hotel and restaurant by New York Times, Food and Wines. Call it your home away from home any month of the year as one of our many special international guests. Our 18 rooms and terrace restaurant are staffed with only the most hospitable and professional personnel – and steeped in the history of many cultures, many empires.